Construccion Mayatrac

Under the name of construction machinery, a group of machines used in construction activities are included in order to:

  • Remove part of the ground layer, so as to modify the profile of the land according to specificengineering project requirements.
  • Transport materials (aggregates, water, concrete, elements to be incorporated in the construction.
  • Load and unload construction materials.
  • Form the ground.

Excavation machines are used to remove the land where foundations for buildings, towers, bridges, will settle. Also to displace soil and conform the ground in building roads, for tunneling, to build dams and mining works.

The type of machinery depends on soil characteristics. For example soils that are hard as rocks or cemented sands require drills that can per drill rock, circular cutting blades or bulldozers with jackhammer. On the other hand, softer soils allow working with bulldozers and graders.

Mayatrac offers its clients various and profitable solutions for the construction industry. We offer all kinds of spare parts and services for equipment and machines for companies such as construction companies, consortiums, contractors and state entities, for all of them Mayatrac has 24-48 hours transportation logistics for spare parts in general, we dispatch to all Central and South America.

Construccion Mayatrac

We have immediate Original Parts distribution companies, OEM and Generic of all brands for:

  • Crawler Tractor.
  • Wheel Loaders.
  • Excavators.
  • Bulldozers.
  • Dump Trucks.
  • Graders.
  • Skid steers.
  • And many more...