The rapid growth of economic activity in emerging markets, which has taken place since the globalization of the 90's has undoubtedly generated a strong global demand for minerals and other natural resources.

It is widely known that in Central and South America there are 5 top exporters of thermal coal in the world and the second largest world producer of ferronickel. At the same time, the country has a huge potential for natural resources we are just beginning to explore.

Central and South America have the largest deposits of gold, copper, iron ore, platinum, uranium and coltan, among others.

Construccion Mayatrac

For some time now Mayatrac's Mining Division works daily actively with mining clients in Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Peru and Chile to provide them a wide range of spares of the 'Emergency' type which they normally can't find locally for their equipment and machines.

While methods of exploitation of underground mining are still the traditional ones, in underground mining today there is a clear trend focused on safety, the environment and the efficiency and productivity of it.

We have immediate distribution of companies of Genuine Parts, OEM and Generics of all brands:

Construccion Mayatrac
  • Drilling Jumbos.
  • Drills.
  • Pneumatic Drilling.
  • Scoops.
  • Articulated Trucks (Damper).
  • Telehander.
  • Robochott.
  • Wheel Loaders.
  • And many more...