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Safety Tips for working with heavy machinery

Accidents can happen anywhere, outside or inside the house, but in your day to day dealing with danger is part of your job, these tips are for you:

* Wear a brightly colored vest, helmet, and personal protective equipment as appropriate.

* It is essential to know the location of heavy machinery and where it is headed. Let surprise may cost you dearly.

* Stay out of blind spots of the team, ie not be placed around the machine in motion. It is advisable to let the machine operator that you're approaching.

* Avoid talking with the operator unnecessarily heavy machinery. Carelessness can be fatal.

* If you communicate with the operator it is very necessary, learn to use standard hand signals.

* Stay away from the ramps

* Be careful with spoons or other accessories that can be moved with the hydraulic pressure.

Noticias Mayatrac

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