Our Services

MAYATRAC knows the importance of keeping his team working to prevent losses to your business. Therefore, our service and maintenance department is dedicated to providing the best technical certificates for Atlas Copco, Intecap specialized in diesel engines, we have the tools necessary for all types of repairs inside and outside Guatemala City. Our commitment is to keep your computer working for you to complete your work.

As part of our goal of providing excellent service to our customers, we have two departments of specialized services, apart. A department dealing with heavy equipment and brand Heavy Equipment Mining equipment and other department dedicated to service other equipment brands. Each of these departments has specialized in specific equipment ténicos of each manufacturer. We also have service training for our technicians to keep up with all the information available to give better service to Komatsu, New Holland, Kobelco, Case, Volvo, Bobcat, Kubota, Hyundai, Detroit, Cummins equipment, Atlas Copco, Sandvik and many others. We have also invested in acquiring the latest to diagnose the problem and fix the team as quickly as possible tools.

In our service department we have specialized areas to provide quick answers to the needs of our customers ANSWERS:

Reconstruction of engines and transmissions

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We have workshops to rebuild and repair motors, hydraulic components for all types of machines, reconstruction of pumps and transmissions. We also have an area to save and manufacture parts for transmission, drum brakes and hydraulic cylinders, thus understating the cost of repair. The workshop reconstruction engine and transmission is responsible for ensuring that all reconstructions of engine, transmission and torque cnvertidor are of the highest.

We repair kit's Heavy Equipment Engines for all models of our brand CTP with the same guarantee of the original brand.

Drivetrain / Painting and Wash

Our workshop utility is responsible for repairing the chassis, paint workshop and laundry area. The workshop undercarriage take care of everything related to the making of any marking of machinery, tambie in this area of ​​the workshop two presses, one of 310 tons and another 350 tons are used to repair links undercarriage, reconstruction and turning the pins and bearings.

Filming handle genuine spare parts for CTP, ITR, BERCO and generic brands.

In each service we perform we deliver your machine thoroughly cleaned, pressure washed.

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Welding and Fabrication

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The welding workshop service and manufacturing includes welding accession and MIG and TIG welding (welding tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding and metal inert gas (MIG) are two types of arc welding processes. There are some similarities between the two methods and many differences.) We repair and rebuild machinery and attachments. We have four welders is this specialized department. This department also works on devices from other manufacturers.

Service in his work

he customer service department in your workplace is responsible for diagnosing and repairing the equipment and carry out the scheduled maintenance of its heavy equipment in their work.

All technicians working in response to the customer in the field, are equipped with cell phones and pagers to be called industrial 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Using laptops, they can diagnose machines with on board computers and allow our ténicos use 'ET' (Electronic Technician) in the work.

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Preventive Maintenance / Customer Support Plans

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MAYATRAC strongly supports plans preventive maintenance service for its customers. At present, we have a department that handles Customer Service Agreements (CSA). The service staff is kind enough to offer the customer a quick estimate. Some of the other service plans that offer preventive mantemiento are hydraulic service to order (CHS), Technical Analysis (TA) and installation of starts prelubicados.

We have mobile vehicles Prevention / Maintenance / lubrication for your equipment in service your work or your place of business. Additional lubrication vehicles are being designed to handle the growth of this service.

Parts Department

We are committed to provide genuine or generic parts you need to keep your equipment working, we are authorized distributors and spare parts for equipment manufacturers that have given us their exclusive representation.

Our staff at the Parts Department is trained with the expertise to find the parts you need, when and where you need experience, keeping in mind the minimize dead time of their equipment.

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